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Monday, 31 October 2016

Facebook Copies Snapchat Features Again

It looks quite implausible to believe that a network as giant as Facebook’s might follow the lead blatantly copy others, however, that looks to be the case with Facebook’s struggle to match Snapchat in recent times.

Their latest project is galvanized directly by Snapchat’s regular messages and augmented-reality selfies. Dubbed “the new camera”, the update is already rolling dead set users within the eire, followed by alternative regions with alternative tweaks and additions.

The move regarding filters can't be entirely attributed to Snapchat, however, it will feel galvanized by it. It's overlaid masks and fluid filters square measure actually enough to send alarms blaring. This wasn't a surprise given Facebook’s recent acquisition of camera-centric apps that emulate each Snapchat and Prisma.

Apart from that, the posts even have the choice of disappearing inside twenty-four hours if they're not seen in your voice communication box, that is clearly thus on the nose we’ll rather leave it at that.

Try to management your surprise if you have got been a Snapchat user of long. The posts created is shared each on your feed moreover as through a private message.

The option is going to be one in all additional targeted options on the Facebook app and can be quickly accessible either through a swipe from the proper or through an associate icon on the upper-left corner within the main app’s interface.

This is not the primary time that Facebook has tried to repeat Snapchat, however, it's actually among the additional blatant ones to this point. It looks Facebook is prepared to leap at something that resembles Snapchat. Take Snow, associate Asian Snapchat clone, that was simply offered a handsome quantity to become a locality of Facebook.

To Facebook’s credit, it's making an attempt to place additional specialize in the camera, following the company’s new “the camera is that the composer” philosophy and with its one.6 billion active users it might reach averting Snapchat, too. Facebook might become higher than turning into simply another me-too complete just like the dozens of variations already out there in app stores.

Facebook has denoted a replacement video to present a thought of however it'd work.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Most Popular Search Engines

Hello Friends, these days I am sharing an incredible post on prime search engines 2016. Search Engines are designed in such some way that a user will retrieve any data from the worldwide net (www). we are able to question in searched the list of data is displayed on pages called SERP's ( computer program Result Pages). the data displayed will in varied forms like pictures, text, news, videos etc.
So to induce the simplest results you wish the best computer program and I am perpetually here to create your call clear by providing you deeply researched knowledge.

Sr no.
Top Search Engines 
Alexa Rank
Estimated Traffic (Unique)

Some Amazing Facts About Top 3 Search Engines

1. Google - one in every of my favorite Search Engines from all on top of and therefore the preferred computer program. Google is understood for its labor and 24*7 updates. They continuously return up with superb merchandise like AdSense, AdWords, ads, and lots of additional to boost your net performance. According to the reports seventieth of searches square measure battery-powered by google and twenty-fifth by bing.

2. Baidu - Baidu is a Chinese program and therefore the second preferred program within the world per Alexa. Baidu offers several services together with a hunt engine for looking pictures, info, Baidu Baike ( associate Encyclopedia), Search primarily based Discussion Forums etc.

3. Yahoo - Yahoo! Search is the search engine powered by yahoo! And also it is the 3rd most popular search engine in US. As it get 12.8% of search volume. The searchable index was powered by Inktomi add later by Google.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Do You Know About Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

You can press these buttons on your keyboard to use Facebook faster.

There are many shortcut keys for Facebook. You can easily open new messages, account settings, privacy settings, help center by using the shortcut keys. You can press these buttons on your keyboard to use Facebook faster. To use the shortcut keys follow the instruction below :

Google Chrome user -

Scroll between News Feed stories - Press J , K
Post a new status - Press P
Like or unlike the selected story - Press L
Comment on the selected story - Press C
Share the selected story - Press S
Open attachment of the selected story - Press O
See More of the selected story - Press Enter
Search - Press /
Search chat contacts - Press Q
New messages - Press Alt + M
Help - Press Alt + 0
Home - Press Alt + 1
Timeline - Press Alt + 2
Friends - Press Alt + 3
Inbox - Press Alt + 4
Notifications - Press Alt + 5
Settings - Press Alt + 6
Activity Log - Press Alt + 7
About - Press Alt + 8
Terms - Press Alt + 9

Mozila Firefox user -

Scroll between News Feed stories -Press J , K
Post a new status - Press P
Like or unlike the selected story - Press L
Comment on the selected story - Press C
Share the selected story - Press S
Open attachment of the selected story - Press O
See More of the selected story - Press Enter
Search - Press /
Search chat contacts - Press Q
New messages - Press Shift + Alt + M
Help - Press Shift + Alt + 0
Home - Press Shift + Alt + 1
Timeline - Press Shift + Alt + 2
Friends - Press Shift + Alt + 3
Inbox - Press Shift + Alt + 4
Notifications - Press Shift + Alt + 5
Settings - Press Shift + Alt + 6
Activity Log - Press Shift + Alt + 7
About - Press Shift + Alt + 8
Terms - Press Shift + Alt + 9

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Germany Stops Facebook from Collecting Data on Whatsapp Users

Facebook has been hip that it will now not gather data of Whatsapp users in the Federal Republic of Germany once the corporate updated its terms last month to permit sharing of data with its parent company.
It was declared that Whatsapp might share user information with Facebook. This way, the corporate might use the info for its own functions, be it for advertising or find a lot of data concerning the users themselves.
This development caused wide outrage. Ironically, Whatsapp antecedently promoted itself by speech that it ‘kept information private’ and ‘didn’t wish to use its platform for ads’.

Germany Opposes Facebook

Germany has taken the initiative by opposing Facebook and its terms. The metropolis information protection commissioner has formally issued a ban on Facebook from sharing info with Whatsapp across Deutschland.

The order “prohibits Facebook with immediate impact to gather and store information of German WhatsApp users”, in keeping with a press release from the watchdog. “Facebook has conjointly been ordered to delete all information that has already been forwarded by WhatsApp,” it said.

“This body order protects the info of regarding thirty-five million WhatsApp users in Deutschland,” same Johannes Caspar, the metropolis commissioner for information protection and freedom of knowledge, in a very statement.

“It must be their call, whether or not they wish to attach their account with Facebook. Therefore, Facebook must provoke their permission beforehand. This has not happened.”

What About The Other Countries?

The European Court of Justice has aforementioned that international corporations should fit national information protection laws if they aim to method data at intervals those countries.

Along with European court of Justice, U.S.A. Federal Trade Commission has additionally given a warning to Whatsapp and Facebook for violating its steerage with the amendment in agreement.

Elizabeth Denham, the united kingdom commissioner, aforementioned at the time of the changes: “Organisations don't ought to get previous approval from the ICO to alter their approaches, however, they are doing ought to keep at intervals information protection laws. we tend to area unit wanting into this.”

Facebook’s Response

An interpreter for Facebook said:

“Facebook complies with EU knowledge protection law. we are going to work with the city DPA in an attempt to deal with their queries and resolve any issues.”

Facebook claims that the changes were created just to place the users of Whatsapp and Facebook in grips with relevant businesses to boost user expertise, fight spam and refine friend recommendations.

The interpreter additionally highlighted Whatsapp’s end-to-end encrypted message policy. Neither Whatsapp nor Facebook will scan contents of the user’s messages.

However, Whatsapp will establish that user is connected with that user and for a way long on aboard the sort of the phone and system they're mistreatment.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Cover Your Webcam With a Tape

Should you place a tape or a sticker over the lens of your laptop's webcam?

Yes, even Facebook chief operating officer Mark Zuckerberg and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey do this.
Covering your laptop's digital camera may be a hell low cost and sensible plan to protect against hackers and intruders UN agency would possibly wish to look at your personal life and setting through your devices.
In fact, Comey recently came out defensive his own use of tape to hide his personal laptop's Web Cam.

People Are Responsible for Their Safety, Security & Privacy

During a conference at the middle for Strategic and International Studies, once Comey was asked that he still place tape over his cameras reception, he replied:

"Heck yeah, heck yeah. And also, I purchase mocked for lots of things, and that I am abundant mocked for that, however, I hope folks lock their cars… lock your doors in the dead of night. I even have Associate in Nursing warning device. If you have got Associate in Nursing warning device you ought to use it, I use mine."

Comey went on to clarify that it absolutely was common follow at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and alternative government offices cowl|to hide} computers and laptops' webcams with tape or any physical cover.

"It’s not crazy that the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director cares regarding personal security also," he continued . "If you get in any office, we have a tendency to all have our very little camera things that sit on high of the screen, all of them have a little lid that closes down on them, you are doing that, therefore folks that don't have authority don’t look into you, I believe that’s an honest factor."
Comey believes that putt a canopy over webcams is one in all the "sensible things" that everybody ought to be doing to "take responsibility for his or her own safety and security."
While this follow is usually created fun of, sound your device's webcams may be a sensible exclude for you to adopt. we all know the Federal Bureau of Investigation and NSA's ability to unfold malware and switch on device's digital camera to spy on targets.

Edward Snowden Leaks disclosed the NSA's optic tract operation that was allotted to capture digital camera pictures each five minutes from random Yahoo users, and in exactly six months, pictures of one.8 Million users' were captured and keep on the govt. servers in 2008.

Internet of Things: Security Nightmare

However, putt a tape over the lens of your computer's digital camera wouldn't solve the matter, particularly during this era once we area unit encircled by numerous Internet-connected devices that area unit a security nightmare.

Due to the insecure implementation, these web-connected or Internet of Things (IoTs) devices, as well as Security Cameras, area unit, therefore, vulnerable that hackers area unit habitually hijacking them and exploitation them as weapons in cyber attacks.

So, it's way more straightforward for hackers to hack your security cameras, rather than your laptop's digital camera, to stay track on you and your atmosphere.

Do you feel the necessity use a tape over your webcam? allow us to understand down within the comments.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Honor 8 Next Best Budget Smartphone

The Honor eight encompasses a stunning style and a formidable build quality. Launched in Paris on twenty-four August at £369.99, it is a £40 a lot of expensive than the OnePlus three, and £120 quite its precursor, the respect seven. However, its options justify the additional price. scan next: Best budget smartphones 2016.

Design & Build Quality

The Honor eight contains a 5.2inch full-HD (1920x1080) IPS show with a pel density of 423ppi.
The show is sharp, with clear text, and bright enough to be visible in sunny conditions. It may be label within the phone’s settings too.
We just like the ‘Eye comfort’ mode, that reduces the quantity of blue lightweight emitted from the screen. This works like Apple's Night Shift and therefore the Night Mode feature that was tested throughout the golem candy beta.
The show contains a ninety-six NTSC color coverage, leading to correct colors with sensible distinction. this can be IPS school, therefore you do not get identical oversaturated colors you get with AMOLED.

Honor 8 benchmarks

In our benchmarks we tend to found a terribly spectacular process and computing performance, simply beating alternative flagships within the market. It could not quite carry on with the Samsung Galaxy S7, however, and significantly in our GFXBench graphics tests (in that the Quad-HD-screen Samsung features a disadvantage). Even against its full-HD OnePlus three rival, though, the honor eight managed solely 7fps as compared to its 18fps in automotive Chase.
In real-world usage, we tend to found the honor eight to perform swimmingly in Asphalt athletics games, and games like Pokemon GO. the overall user expertise was fluid with no noticeable lag or interruptions between animations.
We conjointly found its JetStream browser benchmark underwhelming, with its forty six.3 scores falling wanting the Samsung Galaxy S7 (61) by quite a margin. scan next: what is the quickest phone.

The 3,000 mAh battery was on par with its competitors, with results of vi hours nineteen minutes and a score of three793 in our Geekbench 3 battery check. Similarly, the OnePlus three scored 3735 and a run time of vi hours thirteen minutes. Still, Honor claims it'll last one.22 days with serious usage and one.77 with traditional use.
The Honor eight does not support Qualcomm fast Charge, however, exploitation the enclosed 9V/2A charger it will get from zero- to fifty p.c in the mere half-hour.


Honor has yet again used EMUI as an Android skin. In this case, EMUI 4.1 running on Android Marshmallow 6.0.

We like the non-intrusive EMUI experience, but it can be a performance hog in comparison to stock Android. There are some subtle tweaks, for example, you can use the fingerprint sensor to swipe down and reveal the notification panel, or click on the Smart Key to open an app. A number of bloatware utilities and apps are preinstalled on the Honor 8, but you will be able to uninstall most of these.


Huawei Honor 8 Smartphone Specs
NameHuawei Honor 8
Band2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA B1/B2/B4/B5/B8; TD-SCDMA: B34/B39; CDMA2000/1X:BC0(800MHz)
4G: FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B4/B7; TDD-LTE: B38/B39/B40/B41
Sim CardDual card dual standby dual active(One Nano SIM card, one Nano SIM/SD card)
Service ProvideUnlocked
OSEMUI 4.1(Android 6.0)
CPUHUAWEI Hisilicon Kirin 950 octa core
GPUMali T880
Display Size5.2 Inch
Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels 423 PPI
Color16000K colors
Card ExtendSupport TF card up to 128GB extended
CameraDual Cameras, front camera 8.0MP; back camera 2*12MP, Support large aperture, super night view, panoramic pictures, audio, intelligent, panoramic view, smiling face, beautiful skin, shoot, HDR, acoustic photographs, timing, etc.
Huawei Honor 8 Mobile Phone Basic Function
Video encoding1080P, MPEG4/H.265/H.264/H.263/VP8
Video File Format3gp, mp4
Audio File Formatmp3, mp4, 3gp, ogg, amr, aac, flac, wav, midi
SensorGravity sensor; Light sensor; Proximity sensor;Infrared sensor; Fingerprint Sensor; Hall sensor; Gyro; compass; NFC
Earphone Port3.5mm
GPSYes, GPS / AGPS / Glonass / Compass
BluetoothYes, BT4.2, support BT4.2+LE
WIFIYes, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz, also support WiFi Display
NFC BeamSupport
LanguageEnglish, Chinese, etc
Other FeatureWIFI, GPS, FM, Bluetooth, Ebook, Email,Messaging, wallpapers, calendar, calculator,clock, camera, tethering & portable hotspot, etc
Dimension145.5 * 71.0 * 7.45mm
Net weight (Including battery)153g

LG V20 Need of Young Generation

If you're thinking that regarding it, LG is correct up there among the foremost unlucky smartphone manufacturers within the market. the corporate has followed an awfully safe formula with its flagship phones that includes a non-complex interface, high-end specs, and a non-distracting style, however, did not earn attention.

This year it tried to alter things with the standard G5, however, the end-result was an excellent a lot of underwhelming. The V20 can be the place wherever it starts to form it right.

Metal Body

The show is that the same as last year, that was a five.7-inch IPS instead of OLED. it's constant Quad HD resolution as before. The secondary show is slightly larger, standing in at a pair of,1 inches. The build is completely different from its forerunner tho'. whereas the V10 had a self-healing chrome steel frame and a durable plastic, the V20 comes with atomic number 13 AL6013 alloy body, that is employed to create airplanes and boats. The phablet retains the MIL-STD-810 certification, hence, it will take all the bumps and shocks you throw at it.

The new LG flagship is additionally fifty grams lighter than before, a vast reduction, which might be felt as before long as you hold the phone for the primary time.


It has 2 displays and 2 cameras, however, each air currently slightly additional useful and less gimmicky. The camera on the rear is that the same two-lens setup, however with newer cameras. One could be a sixteen MP shooter whereas the opposite one could be a camera lens eight MP lens. It supports LG’s Steady Record a pair of.0, that makes videos crisper and is that the initial to return with Qualcomm’s gyroscope-utilising video stabilization system. 3 optical device systems track moving subjects quicker than before.

There is only one camera on the front now, a 5-megapixel one. however, LG says it will take constant camera lens selfie shots.

Complete Feature Set

But the feature which can probably create the most important distinction in daily life would be its audio artistry. The V20 supports a complicated electro-acoustic transducer system, with 24-bit 48KHz Linear Pulse Code Modulation (LPCM), for far better quality voice and video recordings. It conjointly supports 32-bit Quad DAC, initial for a smartphone, which suggests it comes with lossless audio playback and has lower distortion.
The V20 is that the initial robot phone to come back with seven.0 Nougat, that comes with goodies sort of a twin Window mode, a deeper Search mode, additional economical Doze, higher notifications so on. it's LG’s light-weight skin on prime.
Hardware specs embody a quad-core flower 820 processor, four GB RAM, and sixty-four GB expandable storage. property, that contains NFC, Wi-Fi AC, and IR chargeman, is flat-topped off by USB Type-C. The phone keeps it conservative with 4 tasteful colors.

LG V20 Specifications:

  • CPU: Dual-core 2.15 GHz + Dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo
  • GPU: Adreno 530
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
  • OS: Android 7.0 Nougat with LG UX 5.0
  • Supported Networks: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE (Cat X12, up to 600Mbps)
  • Design: Polycarbonate with Aluminium; MIL-STD-810 certification
  • Dimensions: 159.7 x 78.1 x 7.6mm
  • Weight: 174 g
  • Rear fingerprint scanner
  • Display:
  • 5.7-inch IPS with Quad HD (2560 x 1440) resolution (513PPI)
  • 1-inch 160 x 1040 secondary display for notifications (513PPI)
  • Memory:
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Internal: 64 GB
  • MicroSD Card Slot: Yes, up to 2TB
  • Camera:
  • Primary: 16MP + 8MP 135-degree lens, f/2.4, Dual-LED, Laser/Phase/Contrast AF, OIS,  4K video with Steady Record 2.0 and EIS video stabilization
  • Secondary: 5MP, 2K Video, f/1.9
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi as, NFC, IR Blaster, GPS/GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.2 LE
  • Battery: 3200 mAh removable battery; QuickCharge 3.0
  • Colors: Silver, Titan, Pink
  • Price: TBA
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